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     RC200 water reclaim

The Britannia Reclaim has been designed around a three tank philosophy which are bespoke to us and are a one piece moulded construction which makes it extremely robust.

Water is taken from the interceptor or sump by a 200lpm stainless steel impeller suction pump. Large sediment is filtered by the cyclone filter and the resulting water settles in the sump tank. This in turn weirs over into the second wash tank and again settles out. This water is then filtered through the filter system were the activated carbon reduces and removes organics, shampoo, oils and other harmful waste products.

 The carbon filter is designed to automatically back wash at a convenient time set by the customer by an analogue clock mounted within the control panel. The whole process is controlled by a Microprocessor and can be programed to suit customer’s individual requirements.

The wash can be configured to give a full or partial output or supplied as part of a complete plant room application.

Dosing equipment is supplied and is easily adjusted to give the correct dosage depending on which treatment chemicals are to be used, and the system is automatically run when the reclaim back washes.


Width                                      1.50m                      Voltage         415v 3phase TPN 50 Hz 32am

Length                                     1.8m                       Air                            92 L/pm         2 bar

Height                                     1.5m                       Water                     167 L/pm        2 bar

 Reclaim Capacity           

Water retrieval                       200 L/pm