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Smith Brothers & Webb’s swift Response to Storm Damage Helps DSV Harwich

New vehicle washing machine installed within fortnight.

Smith Brothers & Webb came swiftly to the rescue when ferocious winter storms lashing Harwich docks damaged beyond repair an automated vehicle washing machine used by a leading logistics company.

Within a fortnight of the machine being put out of action by the unprecedentedly wild weather Smith Brothers & Webb delivered and installed a new Britannia Strong fully automated wash system for DSV Road.

As one of the three leading logistics providers in Europe, DSV Road expects its fleet to present a professional image at all times so acquiring a fully operational machine as soon as possible was a top priority.

Karl Timmis, Director, DSV Road, said: “Following the damage caused to our vehicle washing facility by the storms at the end of last year we needed a replacement at our vehicle cleaning unit at West Dock Road in Harwich.

“Smith Bros and Webb have provided a replacement unit that uses high pressure jets to deliver a concentrated Super Traffic Film Remover detergent spray to clean every part of our tractor and trailer units.

“We currently have around 150 vehicles each week that use the unit and this has been a real boost as they now leave the site looking clean and not only is that good for our image, but also for road safety.”

Britannia Director Andy Barracliffe said: “At Britannia we understand how important good service is to our customers – they rely on our automated washing systems to keep their vehicles clean day after day.

“Our customers’ fleets are the public face of their operations and naturally they want the appearance of their vehicles to create the right impression, each time and every time.”

The three-brush gantry style Britannia Strong machine installed at Parkstone Quay, Harwick, can be adjusted to clean a variety of vehicles, including rigid or articulated trucks, or those with draw bar trailers.

DSV cleans its vehicles on a daily basis. Smith Brothers & Webb is offering the company further peace of mind with a repair and maintenance package that will ensure the Britannia Strong operates with minimal downtime.

Smith Bros and Webb is globally renowned for the unsurpassed washing quality, reliability and longevity of its fully automatic washing systems for trains, buses, trucks and municipal vehicles.

Based in Alcester, Warwickshire, the company which designs, manufactures and installs its own systems as well as having its own team of engineers has over 500 clients in the commercial vehicle, bus and rail sectors in the UK and 150 overseas.