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Our integrated targets and objectives are centred on continually improving our services and striving to exceed the expectations of our customers in respect of quality of service, delivery, cost, performance, health & safety and environmental management.


We are committed to exceptional levels of Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental control and compliance with appropriate legislation affecting the business operations.  This is confirmed by the adoption of an Integrated Management System that conforms to the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO45001, legal and customer requirements. This programme has the unqualified support and full involvement of the Senior Management Team.


Framework for Objectives


Smith Bros & Webb aim to continually improve the effectiveness of our Integrated System, which is reviewed during our Management Review meetings and via our monthly management reports. Integrated targets and objectives are also reviewed at such meetings. Targets and objectives are cascaded by Directors and Managers down to teams and individuals, through team briefings.  The ongoing suitability of this policy is reviewed on an annual basis.


Continual Improvement


Smith Bros & Webb understands that by continuous improvement of our QHSE processes and product delivery, we ensure a high quality of service as well as safe and environmentally sound working practices. We aim to protect our staff and the environment by implementing effective safety and environmental management systems and will ensure that as far as practically possible, that impacts to the environment and our staff are reduced, significant hazards are eliminated where practicable and appropriate measures put in place to prevent harm to people and pollution to the environment.


Training & Empowerment


Smith Bros & Webb recognises that the competence and skills of our people need continual development through training and empowerment, and that this is the responsibility of management at all levels. We strive to prevent injury and ill health to our employees and anyone working with us or affected by our activities.




Ultimate responsibility for quality, safety and environmental matters within the business rests with the Managing Director but all people share this responsibility by following agreed procedures and by our encouragement of their involvement. To this end, the management of the business commit to implementation of consultation and participation with the employees and legal and other requirements. This QHSE Policy is issued and explained to all employees upon commencement of work with the company.




Smith Bros & Webb recognises that one of the key responsibilities of the Senior Management Team is to provide the appropriate resources that enable the achievement of our objectives.


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