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Britannia Strong

Designed to give a rigorous cleaning to a wide range of vehicles, the Britannia Strong is a three-brush roll-over, moving gantry vehicle wash. It is designed for long and reliable service and utilizes the latest available control system technology. The simple to operate wash selection system ensures reliability and performance by eliminating the need for the operator to carry out complex machine programming. This minimizes the risk of damage to vehicles and the machine.

Key Benefits

  • Machine foot print, allows it to be placed in tight spots.
  • Options for your company colors.
  • Wash up to 5m vehicles with our standard strong.
  • Heavy box section steel frame of immense strength and rigidity.
  • Control panel remotely located from the machine.
  • Integral side spray screens.
  • Full-length track-lock
  • Washing pressure on all brushes is adjusted for small and large vehicles.
  • Suitable for ‘drive in and drive out’ or ‘drive in and reverse out’ operation.
  • Optional fast wash programs are available